About us

Transport analytics provides the evidence base to inform transport and land-use decisions, with potentially far reaching and long-lasting implications that affect our environment, the economy, social well-being and urban form.

Andy Ford (Unit Manager)

As the Manager of the Wellington Transport Analytics Unit, my focus is to support, guide and empower the team to deliver high quality modelling and analytical insights that will deliver real value to the transport sector in Wellington.

The work we do is varied and keeps you on your toes. I pride myself on being able to think innovatively to come up with pragmatic solutions to problems, and presenting complex data to audiences in a simple and clear manner.

In the same way that transport analytics has evolved with the advent of new data sets and a greater focus on urban development and climate change, so has my running career – a rapid finish at the end of an 800m race in my youth has now been replaced by a more measured effort over longer distances!

Christoph Gerds (Team Leader)

I joined the Wellington Transport Analytics Unit team in 2016 with a background in Physics. Transport Modellers and Physicists essentially tackle the same sort of problem: describing the world with the help of a bunch of mathematical formulas. The main difference is that transport modellers must deal with a whole lot more of unknown factors.

As a modeller, I see this as one of my main priorities: Interpreting and clearly communicating model outputs in context of inherent unknowns and uncertainties.

Personally, I am an active modes guy. I have enjoyed the luxury of being able to walk or cycle to school/uni/work almost my whole life. Has that made me a better person? Definitely not – but possibly a healthier and happier one.
Most of my spare time, I spend with my family (zoo) of two kids, two dogs and two rabbits.

John Pell (Principal Modeller)

As the Principal Modeller within the Wellington Transport Analytics Unit my focus is around the currency and application of the modelling and analytical tools used within the region to ultimately determine future investments on the Wellington transportation network. 

Outside of work I keep fairly active playing indoor netball, I’m also a craft beer enthusiast (current very into Hazy’s… like everyone else!) and a Hurricanes and Wellington Lions season pass holder.

Stephen Christie (Principal Analyst)

As a Principal Analyst at the Wellington Transport Analytics Unit, I’m focused on growing our knowledge about transport in the Wellington region. Before joining the unit, I did analysis and modelling in the justice system, and the health system.

My intellectual hero is David Deutsch and I love looking for ways to apply the ideas from his books in my professional and personal life. I like to focus on solving problems – in fact, that’s all that really matters to me.

All the problems that I wrestle with, including those with Wellington’s transport system, with my parenting, or with getting through the painful last 10 kilometres of a marathon run, can be solved with the right knowledge.

Luke Aldridge

Luke Aldridge (Senior Analyst / Modeller)

As an Analyst/Modeller I work on collecting, maintaining and developing transport data to produce high quality and useful insights. I enjoy the mapping and spatial analysis side of the work, giving another angle to look at the data.

Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with my family and try to fit mountain biking and squash where I can.

Luke Aldridge

Tessa Lin ( Senior Analyst / Modeller)

As an Analyst/Modeller at the Wellington Transport Analytics Unit, my focus is presenting transport data in an informative and engaging way while providing analytical insights. 

With a background in transportation engineering and transportation planning, I had experience in SIDRA intersection modelling, road safety projects and transport impact assessments. I also did analysis for crash data and car parking data on PowerBI dashboards. 

In my free time, I enjoy outdoor sports like mountain biking. Peak Flow at Mākara Peak MTB park is my favourite trail.

Luke Aldridge

Yanfei Hong( Senior Analyst / Modeller)

I joined WTAU with a background in Transportation Engineering and specialised in Aimsun modelling, along with knowledge in transportation design and traffic impact assessments.

As an Analyst/Modeller at WTAU, I am involved in all aspects of traffic modelling, data analysis and presentation by using various tools. I enjoy the process that converts the complicated data cells to visual showcases that would help the investment decisions made on the Wellington transportation network.

I am not very much a sporty or outdoor person, that’s why I am a caregiver of all my indoor plant collections!