A regional approach to transport analytics

Transport analytics provides the evidence base to inform transport and land-use decisions, with potentially far reaching and long-lasting implications that affect our environment, the economy, social well-being and urban form.

Current projects

Traffic Data Portal

Traffic Data Portal

A traffic count data portal has been developed to provide easy access to a range of data that is used for planning, asset management and trend analysis.

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The Wellington Transport Analytics Unit will support a more consistent regional approach to transport and land use planning and aims to deliver:

One Voice

By working together we support a regional approach to transport modelling and data analytics. We will work with stakeholders to ensure there is consistency of inputs, assumptions, analysis and interpretation, to ensure there is one voice across the Wellington region.

Effective use of Data

We live in a digital era which has seen our access to technology and information transformed over the past 20 years. The Analytics Unit will ensure we are using available, evidence based, data to best effect to monitor performance, inform transport models and ensure a consistent approach across the region.

Informed Decision Making

We will provide timely, accurate and consistent transport forecast and modelling information to enable proactive and timely investment to meet the needs of our customers and the strategic direction of the region.

A Centre of Excellence

By working together we are able to share resources, experience and learn from each other. The Analytics Unit is a dedicated team of specialist resources, it will utilise latest technologies, support the development of the team and improve knowledge and awareness of partner organisations. We are all about continuous improvement.

Who we are

The Wellington Transport Analytics Unit is a partnership between Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), local councils and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (Waka Kotahi) established in 2021. Working together to combine transport modelling and analysis services in a joint operational unit to provide a consistent and integrated regional view of transport analytics that will ensure confident, timely and cost effective investment in our regional transport network.